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Dr. John Tedeschi Welcome to One Medical Plaza and the Tedeschi Health Care Network.
One Medical Plaza is where you and Dr. Tedeschi work together in outlining a health care plan for you and your family. It's also the place where specialists "come to you," and not the other way around. By appointment, you can consult and be treated by specialists in cardiology, urology and bariatrics right at One Medical Plaza, without having to travel to other doctor's offices. And, of course, our on-site lab is here five days a week to process whatever blood work you require. is also the home of the Tedeschi Health Care Network -- your source of information on various medical topics. Soon, you'll see and hear, right on your computer screen, video interviews with leading physicians in areas of diabetes; colon, breast and prostate cancer; preventing heart diseases; gastrointestinal issues; controlling blood pressure; controlling asthma and allergies; the benefits of proper diet and exercise and, of course, Dr. Tedeschi's views on the role of the Primary Care Physician.
WHAT MEDICINE HAS BECOME: No, it's not your imagination. Medicine has changed. And it's becoming dangerous. The doctor is no longer in charge of your health. Your health is now under the direct control of the government and insurance companies -- making fateful decisions with no medical training and ignorant to patient needs. It's all about money. The treatment you are allowed to have is based, not on what you need -- but rather, what insurance companies and the government are willing to pay. It's these non-medical entities that control, literally, whether you live or die. And all doctors are caught in the middle -- with their hands tied -- and can no longer help. Their expertise is being ignored as too costly.
Doctors are trying to "take back medicine." Thousands of them met at a Summit to figure out how to do it. Dr. Tedeschi offered the following observations... It's time for the patient to speak up and demand to be treated as a human being -- and not as an "expense." Watch.
Dr. Tedeschi is quoted extensively in this national column by reporter Jack Dennis, discussing the "fragmentation" of healthcare.
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For a must-see look at highlights of the
"2014 Doctor's Day Conference"
in Belleville, New Jersey, on March 30th,
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Running time - 12 mins.


Dr. John Tedeschi has authored a 'White Paper' on the status of medicine in the U.S. Today - What has happened to it, where it's going and how it affects you.
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Aetna Insurance recently dropped 552 physicians for spending too much time with their patients. One of them was Dr. Tedeschi. Tens of thousands of affected patients, nationwide, have been affected.
Click on the video below to watch "A Conversation with Dr. Tedeschi" as he discusses the State of Healthcare in the U.S. today -- and the challenges facing both physicians and patients alike...


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See and hear the moving and compassionate story of Nyasha, one of Dr. Tedeschi's patients....


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